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Project Description

ResX Translation helper supports translation of your resx-files into all available languages. It does NOT automatically translate because user-translation is currently still much better than automated translation.


For my online tool at I wanted to offer translated versions. Initially I recommended to use Zeta Resource Editor which is a great and free tool. But some users complained because
  • they don’t have Windows, but Mac or Linux
  • they were not allowed to use 3rd party software (at school, university, company)
  • it’s still a little bit complicated for computer novices (downloading, changing, uploading)

Also for me I’ve seen that it’s getting more and more complicated as the number of languages increases because on every new label i have to

  • create a package for each language,
  • upload it,
  • inform the translators,
  • install the updated files as soon as received from the translators.

I’ve searched around and found many automatic online translation tool but that was never a choice for me because

  • automatic translation is still worser than manual translation, and
  • Hatcoach is a tool for online football manager Hattrick. They use terms which are recognized by all players, and so a term like “Attack in the middle” should not be translated as e.g. “Middle Attack” as this would confuse the Hattrick managers.

So i started to create an online resx translation tool.


FTP-Upload is taken from Howard Richards article "An FTP client library for .NET 2.0", many thanks for sharing it!


ResX Translation Helper has the following features:

  • Online Tool ( = no need to install anything. Runs on every browser)
  • Authentication (only registered users are allowed to translate)
  • Easy to use (for both administrator and translators)
  • Automatic backup (each file will be copied to a backup folder as soon as the translator makes any modification)
  • Automatic FTP upload (nothing to do for the admin after translation. Additionally translator could check his changes on the fly!)
  • Free to use :-)

What is not implemented

I don’t name this section ‘Missing features’ because these features are not missing, they are just not there because I don’t need them. If you need them, fine. Go ahead, add it to the source code and send it to me and I will publish it here.

  • Automatic translation (as said, quality of manual translation is much better)
  • Email reminders (I have them implemented in Hatcoach so if there is general request I could also add it here)
  • Localization of Bitmaps or else. Only Strings are supported.


If you are unsure about your translators, consider using an Anti-XSS-Library like Microsoft Web Protection Library to avoid Cross-Site-Scripting attacks.

Upcoming Releases

Actually there is no plan for any updates. The tool contains everything I need. If you need more feature, develop them in the source code and send it to me, and I will publish it here.


This is my first Codeplex Project, so any feedback is highly appreciated!


A short introduction video

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